How to Choose the Right Handbag

Every woman is inherently addicted to handbag. But how can we choose the right one? We have some tips for you.

Nowadays handbags fits in every possible scenario, as you can imagine. From the large to small, handbags go from ordinary to richly decorated or in garish colors. How should you go about selecting the proper one?

Basic principles of selection 

It is important to know whom is a handbag designed for, and how we want to plunge into it. Of course we’ll get a handbags priced at a few hundred dollars, but remember that such a handbag will not last too long – after a few months of use it will end up with tears and lose color. Also, different women have different styles. It is not advisable to buy the elegant lady’s handbag with chains or in garish colors.

Handbag should match the clothing

Before undertaking the project of handbag purchasing, get the impressions of your wardrobe and decide accordingly. If your wardrobe color have been predominantly red, reach for the red bag. If you choose green bag because you happen to have just one jacket in purple, it would not be the best choice. Of course, you can buy more handbags for such reasons, but it depends on your financial abilities.

How to Choose the Right Handbag

Style vs. practicality

You should have a different handbag for the office and other social events. To buy the one that you use often, you should choose the most practical design. You should guard against pickpockets, so choose the one that will have more pockets and a zipper or other closures.

What handbag to choose also depends on how you dress. The best option is a so-called “clutch” that will just fit in your hand and is there enough space for necessary things. If you can not get the same color as your dress have, reach for the universal color, which often should be black. Handbag should also be a little in harmony with your shoes or jewelry.

Seasonal handbags

There are also handbags that are perfect for summer clothes, but in winter you will not enjoy them very much. They are usually made of fabric or knitted, and those in rainy and freezing weather are not the best. Winter is best for leather handbags that are warm, solid, and built to last.

Bag size

As a good wife, you should choose a bag design based on what essential content goes in your handbag. Those who need a place just for money, keys and documents need a small handbag, in which these valuables are kept safely. Conversely, women who carry in their bags many necessary items require substantially larger models.

What can not be missing

When we calculate the basic things, such as keys, cell phone and wallet, handbag should also contain a few more things. Kleenex are suitable for every occasion, and certainly should not be missing in any bag, in case you are suffering from colds. Another essential part would be the makeup. During the day, you can smudge mascara, lipstick or you’ll need to powder your nose. Therefore, you should have the basic makeup at hand.

Is it warm outside? Are you in a hurry to work? Definitely do not forget to take your deodorant in the bag. If you are traveling by public transport, take along a book or magazine on the for leisure reading. Alternatively, you can browse through diary. Content of handbag is different for everyone. Some go out with pepper spray for self defense, others with pills for headaches, the needs can be many. So choose wisely and especially with reason.


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