How Many Types Of Bras Are There?

When we say that there is a bra for every woman to wear on any occasion, we mean it seriously. So, how many styles of bra do you think there are? Probably more than five. To help you learn about all kinds and their characteristics, we have prepared the following list. We guarantee you will find more than one bra that agree with you when you finish.

How Many Types Of Bras Are There

• Training Bra

The vast majority of us have worn a training bra. It’s a bra to support medium and small size breasts. It is good for the girls in adolescence for better development. It may also be your companion of life. There are many models of training bras. We can find, for example, bra with defined cups if required, although the most common are the bra tops.

• T-shirt Bra

The t-shirt bra is the most classic models of bra. Broadband, cups and two straps. It can be found in a variety of designs with or without wire, seamless, wide bretel, and thin. It is definitely the most worn by women.

• Bralette

We could translate it as “small frame”. It is highly recommended for adolescents as a stylish training bra. Although we can often see it as part of a set of sexy lingerie like a camisole. If you are looking for support, it is not the most suitable type.

• Bandeau Bra

Perhaps the simplest of all fasteners and, along with the adhesive bra, both provide the least support. Its name indicates that it’s a stretch of fabric that fits over the breasts. Although you can find models with well defined tops, it essentially is a simple band.

• Balconette Bra

This is the revised version of the demi cup bra. Although it often may be confusing, balconette bra offers less coverage of the breast, but presents them – as in a balcony – ideally to pronounce cleavage. Women with extra large breasts had better refrain from this style, as they will not be anything of comfort.

• Bullet Bra (conical or torpedo)

Don’t let these names scare you. This type of bra had its heyday in the ‘ 50s thanks to the poster girls showing pointy breasts under her tight sweaters. For a more current reference, Madonna brought them back on her Blonde Ambition Tour. The torpedo bras are characterized by their tapered cup that can increase a full size.

• Sports Bra

If you’re an athlete, you have to have it. The sports bra is designed to provide support and protection to the breasts during the practice of sports, any of them, avoiding the “rebound effect” that can damage breast tissue and induce neck and shoulder pain. The sports bra, in its two main types – glass encapsulated and compression – are made with materials that allow the proper air exposure of the skin. T-shirt styles and cross back are the most popular.

• Cross Back Bra

If you plan to wear a top with cross back and don’t want the bra straps to ruin your look, then opt for a cross back bra. It will come of wonders since, as its name implies, the straps intersect both T-shaped V on your back, leaving you free and ready for a top sexy shoulders. Given the comfort that provides, it is a very sought after style in sports bras.

• Strapless Bra

It is not necessary to give up wearing a bra altogether, when you need to get a dress with bare shoulders. Strapless bras are specially designed to provide you with all the necessary support without the need to see straps across your shoulders. Nothing is going to fall, don’t worry. The strapless bra has a much broader band than other bra fasteners which makes it extremely safe for both large and small breasts. Most of the models come with removable straps, allowing you to use it in both versions. Two bras in one.

• Convertible Bra

As in the case of the strapless bra, the convertible bra straps are completely removable. The difference between both styles is that the convertible bra straps can be placed in various ways to accommodate the different styles of cleavage and a look of either one-shoulder, strapless, halter, etc. It is a true ally that you should count on among your basic lingerie pieces.

• Maternity Bra

The last thing you want when you are pregnant or breast-feeding is that your breasts move without control. Rather you have discomfort and swelling to add to the misery. Maternal bra is designed to give you comfort and support with their extra wide band and thick straps. The soft fabric of the cups is expandable with changes in your breasts, and many models allow you to detach the cup to nurse, without having to undress in public.

• Bra for Mastectomy

This type of bra is designed to simulate the existence of bust in case a woman has removed one or two of her breasts. Bras for mastectomy have a sort of pockets in the canopy where the prosthesis are placed. Nothing is noticed, and they look great under clothes.


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