How to Choose the Right Sports Bra

Nowadays, it should be obvious for every sportsmanlike woman to also wear sports bra. Do you know which is best for you? Hesitating over whether it is really important when you exercise?

Why is a sports bra important?

Did you know that really does not matter how big your boobs are? Regardless of their size, a sports bra should be worn by every woman during exercise, because the bra provides support for them. It keeps them in one place, and therefore does not disrupt their shape and strength. The exercises are in fact much you move, and you, and your breasts, which weaken the ligaments. When wearing a sports bra, you can minimize the risk of sagging breasts.

How to choose the right size?

Thankfully, today’s market offers a wide range of selection of bras for almost every bust size. Especially for women with big breasts in sports, bra should definitely not be forgotten. Their movement may even be uncomfortable, being well endowed in the breast region. So when choosing, make sure that your bra sits on your chest and shoulders and neck properly (depending on the type of bra). For example, if you buy a bra that is comfortable for you in the chest, but it strangles you by the neck, it is not suitable for you. It should also be appreciated that the other mark, that other sizes. The key is therefore correct size and type.

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra

The right size for breast size A-B

If you have smaller breasts, it is important for you to have a high compression bra – exactly the kind that can compress breasts to the chest. Best is such a bra that has straps around his neck. Try to buy one that has a special bra cups inserted or also the pads that raise breast and create a nice shape.

The right size for breast sizes C-DD

If your cup size C to DD, look for the right bra in stores. Sleeve sports bra eliminates the movement of breasts during exercise. Such bra keeps breast well separated from each movement and also helps keep it in one position.

The right size for breast sizes larger than DD

Big breasts need support just as much as in the stores. They require a bra that will not only provide high compression, but their encapsulation, because that’s the only way to really keep the breast in one place. Moreover, it wants a bra that will not simultaneously constrict the shoulders or neck.

Care for sports bra properly

The downside of sports bras is that they are not exactly the cheapest items. It is important to extend their life cycle by properly caring for them. Most of them are made of rubber or spandex, and these materials should be washed in warm water by hand. Certainly, they should not go in the washing machine. Use gentle washing powder or soap, and you will see that your bra will last so much longer.


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