Choosing the Right Water Bottle

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When you ride a bike, either as a hobby or a sport, it would often be a long-distance travel. Therefore, it is very important, especially in hot weather, to drink regularly.  If you ride the bike just for commute to and from the office or trips to the grocery stores, you often don’t realize a basic aspect of biking accessories, namely that they are made of technical materials that attribute to perfect functionality. Water bottles and cages, for instance, may not be substituted by a water bottle hanging by the handle, for a variety of reasons. Choosing the Right Water Bottle

First bicycle water bottles are made of materials that ensure the proper preservation of the characteristics of the liquid they contain, be it water or other drinks. In addition, they are designed to not hold or transfer odors of any kind, thus always leaving the taste of the beverage you choose unchanged. Depending on what you should drink, the water bottles should vary in shape, size and materials. You have to take into account a number of factors, namely the type of your bike (for example, water bottles and cages change depending on whether your cycling activities take place on the street or in mountainous areas) and whether they should hold warm or cool liquids (the former being essential for winter riding, the latter for summer training). The size is a practical aspect to evaluate, and then what must be selected is based on the way in which the bottles go inside the cages, even if the bike is already equipped with a cage. The fitting of water bottles and cages, in fact, is critical, because the bottle must be inserted correctly into the cage within split of a second, without forcing which makes both pulling it out and putting it back in complicated.

How to choose your water bottle and bottle cage

As always, when you ride a bicycle, you have to combine security with convenience. For example, when you choose the size of the bottle, it should be remembered that the act of extracting and putting back in place must be done in a simple manner. In addition to considering the relative sizes of bottles and bottle cages, it is also important to think about the size of the rider’s hands. A little boy, for example, might have difficulties in handling too big of a water bottle, so, for him, the choice of a smaller bottle would be more suitable. This is why it is important, when you make a purchase, to pay attention not only to shapes and colors, but also and to the technical specifications particularly, which allows a better understanding of the characteristics of the water bottles and bottle cages you choose.

Maintenance tips

The life cycle of a water bottle can be very long, as long as you follow a series of measures, including:

  • Always empty and wash the bottle and the cage after every ride;
  • Keep the bottle always open when it’s stored to allow the passage of air;
  • Before you fill it with any type of liquid, rinse it thoroughly, especially after periods of non-use;
  • Never leave your water bottles near heat sources, and do not dry them by putting them in the oven or on the radiators, but always leave it to aerate at room temperature.


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