How to Choose Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves should not be missing in any cyclist’s equipment, whether riding on trekking, mountain or road bike. Cycling gloves perform several functions:

– prevent slipping hands while gripping handlebars
– protect palm from abrasion while falling,
– prevent pressure from hurting hands
– protect hands from the cold

This post is for providing you with basic knowledge needed for the selection of cycling gloves.


Short vs long cycling gloves

Choosing gloves with long or short fingers is purely subjective, it is purely about what suits you better. Long cycling gloves, of course, protects fingers in case of a fall, but usually it is just palms that are the most affected area. Long gloves, however, are easier to handle and easier to deploy. Short cycling gloves sometimes have the thumb loops, which allow them to be taken off more easily.

How to Choose Cycling Gloves

Warm vs breathable cycling gloves

Cycling gloves differ according to whether they are intended for the summer, or the colder periods of the year. In summer it is necessary that the gloves were the most breathable – particularly its upper part – and they are conditions for less sweating from the hands. For riding in early spring at the end of autumn or even in winter glove has to be on the contrary, the most insulated should be the area where the hands on the handlebars are exposed to the wind. When cycling, the hands practically do not move, and as a peripheral part of the body with poor blood flow tend to quickly freezes.

Women’s and children’s models

Children’s bicycle biking gloves offers in versions specifically for women and children. Children’s cycling gloves shall perform the protective function. Children often fall off the bike, and gloves give them the necessary protection against rubbing palms.

Ladies’ gloves, in addition to smaller sizes needed for smaller hands of riders, offer an attractive female design and often more protected and comfortable, using gel or foam pads.

Gel Gloves – lining for more comfort

Well, notice how bicycle gloves protects the palms, and whether and to what extent is lined against pressure sore spots. Some gloves are lined with gel, others have only foam liners, and they also vary in thickness. The lining is thicker in gloves that are comfortable, but at the expense of sensitivity and security of grip. Therefore, to counteract, silicone strips on the palm are added, which perfectly prevents the gloves from sliding over the handlebars. Gel padding is particularly popular among amateur cyclists, and if you do not ride the bike everyday, it really increases comfort for you.

Cycling gloves and Body Geometry technology

The location of the glove liner is also important. In this regard, the pioneering American manufacturer is Specialized, whose development team of sports equipment is working closely with sports doctors and physiotherapists. Thus came the system of Body Geometry (BG), which enables Specialized products to respect human anatomy and directly take into account the specific load of body parts during cycling. Cycling gloves bearing the logo BG and lining are based principally on the ulnar side of the hand, thus means for protection of the ulnar nerve, the irritation of which with prolonged gripping the handlebar leads to tingling or even numbness in the hand and forearm.

Special cycling gloves

Body Geometry gloves are distinguished within the biking community for road and mountain biking. They differ in lining, which in the case of road gloves fit into different positions at different hand handlebar grip (straight, curved rams). Pro MTB is again using minimal padding on the palm, which provides better control on the wheels when riding off-road. Specific features of cycling gloves are designed for specific cycling disciplines such as downhill or freeride. These gloves are robust, often offering the protection of finger joints and increased abrasion resistance.

Important details

When choosing gloves, you may also decide the details, but the result significantly increases comfort during use. These include terry zone on the back, which is used to wipe the sweat from biker’s forehead and cheeks. A very important detail is also a zip-tie around the wrist, which allows a better fastening on the glove hand.

The right size of gloves for the wheel

To ensure optimum control of the wheel and feel for control, it is necessary that gloves fit perfectly all-round. If you would prefer tighter, you have to take into account the fact that the gloves are put on with a little pull. Each manufacturer uses a different table of glove sizes. A good size chart may therefore differentiate the producer from the manufacturer.


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