Decorative Wall Stickers

Tired of white walls and paintings by old masters, which do not fit into your modern home? Check out the unique offer on wall stickers that accent your apartment and yet adapts perfectly to your most unique design ideas.

Decorative Wall Stickers

Decorative wall stickers work on a simple principle. You stick it where you want it, and when you get bored, tear them off anytime without damaging walls or your paintjob. You do not have to worry about ugly ragged scraps of paper. The stickers are made ​​of vinyl, steadily holding onto the wall. Moreover, their surfaces are tarnish so that they look like a real perfect painting.

Tree silhouettes and butterflies

The choices of stickers are literally endless. You can choose from a variety of your favorite themes, which include mainly plants and animals. Blossoming tree branch with birds or flying butterflies are delicate decorations for all kinds of interiors. More extravagant themes are silhouette of cats and other animals, you can easily mistake the stickers for your real pet.

Also, very popular addition to plant and animal motifs are abstract stickers and Chinese style ornaments. With a variety of shapes and colors, you can completely customize your interior to the most minute detail. For the more adventurous creator, a number of humorous decorative stickers are offered on the market, which easily brighten up your working day, whenever you look at them.

The great advantage of these stickers is also that they are perfect as children’s wall decorations. Children love unicorns, cars, fairies and dinosaurs. The world of imagination has no limits, as well as decorative stickers. Let your child choose for themselves, and give them as much freedom on their bedroom wall as possible. You may be surprised by their great choices.

If you have not made your choices yet, there is no need to despair, because you can design the wall stickers yourself, or you can have it done by a designer who understand your needs for interior decoration. Imagine you have wall stickers designed and made just for you, how original would that be!


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