How to Choose Wall Clock

Looking for tips on how to choose the wall clock? The timepiece to hang on the wall, is one of the accessories that cannot be missing in a house. The concept of the recording of life flowing, fascinated people since ancient times, then translated into a compact mechanism known around the world, also as the subject of various stylistic interpretations. To make sure you choose the wall clock in the right way, do not miss our tips!

Wall clock for the kitchen
The wall clock for the kitchen, is often interpreted in the most traditional version, with stainless steel frame and glass front protection. The numbers are large and easy to see, generally embossed in black on white. Of course it is not the only type that we can hang in this room, but the same function of the kitchen, as a work area and passage, makes it ideal as the essential aesthetic.

Wall clock for living room
The wall clock for the living room is characterized by a more attractive style. The new decor of the living area follows essentially two trends in the choice of the timepiece. The first gives way to classic clock, dominate on the wall, showing all their old charm. The second gives voice to the desire for creativity and innovation. The wall is embellished with modern wall clocks which interpret in new ways, in complement of more traditional furniture. In the model that we propose, the central element is suspended on ropes ending of a frame in hand decorated silver leaf. A truly elegant piece!

How to Choose Wall Clock

World map wall clock 
Geographical map and at the same time timepiece? The solution is the wall clock from the world map, here in the stainless steel version of Carluccio Design by Marco Carluccio. It has several dials scattered among the various cities of the world: New York, Milan, Tokyo and Sydney. And it’s perfect for the living room where it is set to become the true protagonist in!

Pendulum wall clock 
The wall clock pendulum is one of the most common types. It has a vintage charm that often mixes with details in a more modern style. Moreover, the contrast between lacquered surfaces and metal inserts makes it a unique piece. It continues, in fact, to be one of the highly rated wall clocks.

Wooden wall clock
How to resist the charm of the wood? Who decided to decorate the house in country chic style or opted for an all-white decor with parquet flooring in essence, will definitely choosing an apt, wooden wall clock. The choices are really a lot, but here we want to suggest the model Kangaroo materialized by Diamantini & Domeniconi. It takes its name from the pocket reminiscent of the kangaroo and makes it at the same time, a clock and empty pockets.

Children’s wall clock 
In the room of the boys do not miss a wall clock for children. But which one to choose? The best types are fun, characterized by fairy-tale characters or cute little animals. An example is offered by Zoo Timers George Nelson for Vitra: it is a model with multi-color printing that enables toddlers to learn to read the time in a playful and cheerful way.

Cuckoo wall clock
Cuckoo wall clock is one of the classic types of timepieces. Today it is interpreted in the most essential versions to satisfy even the modern tastes. Thus, the typical house becomes more stylized and characterized by a few colors.

Sticker wall clock
Sticker wall clock is one of the most recent interpretations of the classical complement. With a view to minimalism, reduced to the essence of the components of the timepiece, generally eliminating the frame, the front and rear part, sticking on the wall only numerals, and mechanism. For a wall design composition, a proposal worthy of attention is the Maxiclock Tree Clock Legnomania. Here the hours are composed of tree and leaves with wood and mirror stickers.

Thun wall clock 
Those who prefer furniture in a romantic style can only find the right solution for your apartment from Thun wall clock. The brand produces types of ceramic enriched with flowers, ladybugs, butterflies and leaves. In the section of articles for the house you find different models, all ideal for those who love the decor from the country mood.

Blackboard wall clock
Functionality at reasonable prices, this is the production of the Swedish giant. In particular, the wall clock is perfectly suited to the different styles of the house but offers something more. In addition to marking time, it can be used as a blackboard on which the activities to be performed are recorded in correspondent time in which they will be carried out. In this way, you always have available an agenda that’s useful and efficient.


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