How to Choose Fishing Equipment

To keep the hobby of fishing, you must have the appropriate equipment. There are various types of fishing activities that you can partake: by the beach, in a boat, in the lake, in a river, etc. Also, depending on the regions or environments of fishing, the choices of equipment vary dramatically. In this guide, we will try to do a brief overview of fishing tackle, and explain how to choose the equipment for different types of fishing.

Be sure to have at hand:

  1. Rod
  2. Reel
  3. Yarn
  4. Float
  5. Lead

The first thing to choose before going fishing is the kind of rod. Generally, the rods are built with two types of material: fiberglass and carbon fiber. The first type, fiberglass rods, are cheaper and are best suited for beginners. The second type, carbon fiber rods, on the other hand, are more expensive, lighter and stronger, but are better suited to an experienced fisherman. The best thing to do, before purchasing, is ask for advice from someone more experienced than us, or read trade journals or articles on the internet. In addition, the dealership where you buy the fishing rods can be of great help.

How to Choose Fishing Equipment

Once you have chosen the fishing rod that best suits you, you can move on to selecting the reel. The rotating reel is the most suitable for fly fishing. The simplest reel consists of a rotating drum mounted on a central pivot. Another type of reel consists of a fixed winding, where the drum remains stationary, and the yarn is wrapped by a rotating gear called line roller, which can be operated by a reel handle. This type of reel is best suited to regular fishing. The multiplier is used for fishing with spoon or with natural bait and stout. We can rewind the wire onto the reel with the help of certain piece of equipment.

Whatever type of fishing you do, the most suitable line is almost always nylon wire. Those lines for fly fishing are of synthetic material, both floating and sinking are covered with plastic. Remember that it is very important that your line is adequate for the barrel. Also in this case, you should seek advice from your dealer. For fly fishing, you need to prepare extra line at the end of about 1 meter. Equally important things to prepare are the flies and a net to catch fish. For fishing with lures and lead, you need to also be equipped with fishing rod holder and sinker and a float, even multiple floats.


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