List of Countries in North America

North America

America is the continent with the greatest latitudinal extension, with the second largest area and the third largest population quantitative.

The America – which is also often called “America” when treated as a whole – is a continent located in the northern hemisphere, south and west, lying between the Pacific and Antarctic oceans. Its area of 42,459,000 km² makes it the second largest continent in the world, behind only Asia.

It is the continent with the greatest extension in the north-south direction, being the only one to occupy all the climatic ranges of the planet, since it is cut by the Equator and also by the two tropics (Cancer and Capricorn).

List of All Countries in North America

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Bahamas
  3. Barbados
  4. Belize
  5. Canada
  6. Costa Rica
  7. Cuba
  8. Dominica
  9. Dominican Republic
  10. El Salvador
  11. Grenada
  12. Guatemala
  13. Haiti
  14. Honduras
  15. Jamaica
  16. Mexico
  17. Nicaragua
  18. Panama
  19. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  20. Saint Lucia
  21. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  22. Trinidad and Tobago
  23. United States of America (USA)

Population Aspects of America

With a population of 953.6 million people (2012), the American continent is the third most populated, after Asia and Africa. Due to the process of colonization of their territories, there is a great ethnic variety, involving the numerous native peoples who lived in pre-Columbian times, European identity groups and the various African ethnic groups, through the process of colonial slavery.


Regional divisions of America

In terms of regional division, there are several ways of classifying and grouping American countries. The two most widely used forms are geographic position and ethnolinguistic compositions.

In the first division, the continent is divided into North America, Central and South America. This is because, in fact, it consists of two large masses of land joined by an isthmus (narrow continental portion). These continental masses are the North and South Americas, while the small portion of land and islands make up Central America.

List of All Territories in North America

  1. Anguilla (United Kingdom)
  2. Aruba (Netherlands)
  3. Bermuda (United Kingdom)
  4. Bonaire (Netherlands)
  5. British Virgin Islands (United Kingdom)
  6. Cayman Islands (United Kingdom)
  7. Clipperton Island (France)
  8. Curacao (Netherlands)
  9. Greenland (Denmark)
  10. Guadeloupe (France)
  11. Martinique (France)
  12. Montserrat (United Kingdom)
  13. Navassa Island (United States)
  14. Puerto Rico (United States)
  15. Saba (Netherlands)
  16. Saint Barthelemy (France)
  17. Saint Martin (France)
  18. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)
  19. Sint Eustatius (Netherlands)
  20. Sint Maarten (Netherlands)
  21. Turks and Caicos Islands (United Kingdom)
  22. US Virgin Islands (United States)

In the second division, there is a separation between Anglo-Saxon America and Latin America. This division, however, is not only limited to the language and ethnicities, because in North America there are people who speak languages derived from Latin, such as French and Spanish, while in Latin America there are some countries where English is one of the official languages adopted. And that’s not to mention the hundreds of languages of native origin, such as Guarani, amaãirá and many others.What can be said with certainty is that Anglo-Saxon America is made up of developed countries (Canada and the United States) and Latin America is composed of underdeveloped and emerging countries (Mexico, all of Central America and Latin America). South).


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