List of Countries in South America

South America

Colonization and territorial occupation

The first peoples to occupy the American continent arrived in this continent more than 15 thousand years ago. Studies estimate that they were groups coming from Asia, through the passage through the Strait of Bering, which, in those times, was freezing, allowing the migration by land.

In 1492, began the European colonization with the arrival of Christopher Columbus. The name “America” is also a tribute to Amerigo Vespucci, the first to discover that these lands were, in fact, a new place still unknown to Western civilization.

Economy of America

Economically, most American countries are considered peripheral or developing, with the exception of the United States and Canada, considered as central countries. In all of them, agriculture is very widespread, becoming the main focus of exports in Latin America.

List of All Countries in South America

  1. Argentina
  2. Bolivia
  3. Brazil
  4. Chile
  5. Colombia
  6. Ecuador
  7. Guyana
  8. Paraguay
  9. Peru
  10. Suriname
  11. Uruguay
  12. Venezuela

The two most developed are, of course, the most industrialized nations, although countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina also have high levels of factory production. However, in the latter, the main companies are foreign, that is, multinationals from rich countries that settle in these places in search of cheap labor and greater tax and environmental concessions.

There are two main economic blocs: the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Treaty), composed of USA, Canada and Mexico; And Mercosur (Common Market of the South), with permanent members Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela; As associate members of Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia; And as an observer member of Mexico. There are also other blocks, such as ALADI (Latin American Integration Association), ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas), among other minority compositions.


Physical aspects

The lands composed by the American continent are considered geologically old, presenting compositions that were very transformed by the external or exogenous agents of transformation of the relief. However, there are also some more recent forms of relief, generally positioned throughout its Pacific-bound western portion, such as the mountain ranges formed by the Andes and the Rocky Mountains, both compositions formed by the actions of tectonism.

List of All Territories in South America

  1. Falkland Islands (United Kingdom)
  2. French Guiana (France)
  3. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (United Kingdom)

In the eastern portion, the more rugged relief provides a greater predominance of plains (such as the Amazon in the south and the Mississippi in the North) and plateaus (such as the Labrador Plateau and the Central Plateau). Such compositions evidence the natural pluralities existing in American geomorphology.

Due to its high latitudinal distance, there is a wide variety of climates, with at least ten climatic types, ranging from the Polar, in the extreme North, to the semi-arid in the Northeast of Brazil and in the border region of Mexico with the States United. There are also climates of Mountain, Mediterranean, Temperate, Tropical, Subtropical, Equatorial and many others.

You will then be able to obtain more details and information on the physical, human and regional aspects of the American continent, with texts that aim to approach in an elaborate, clear and objective manner the different interfaces of a space marked by plurality.


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