How to Wear The Leather Jacket

As the temperatures continue to fall and bad weather continued to rage, I’m sure that many of you have already dusted off your favorite coat, but there is another highlight of your wardrobe that you could take advantage for a while: the leather jacket.

The leather jacket is one of those super versatile pieces that can never be missing in the closet of a good fashionista, and it always proves useful in spring and autumn, especially in the transition from autumn to winter. Real or vegan leather, designer piece or budget items, no matter which model you choose to wear, the leather jacket is the perfect outerwear for complete the fashion of your outfit.

How to Wear The Leather Jacket

But now we have come to the core subject. Do you like wearing a leather jacket? IT girls and fashion bloggers have come up with its mix-and-match with anything: dresses, skirts, pants, jeans. The combinations that you can try are virtually endless. I Have chosen 10, come and discover them!

Leather Jacket + Dress

There is nothing better than the leather jacket to create a super feminine look. Wear a suit or shirt dresses from midi length and completed it all with your leather jacket and a pair of sandals with wedges or sneakers. On colder days, add to your outfit a couple of heavy tights and a big woolen scarf.

Leather Jacket + Skirt

Looking for an alternative to the dress? Opt for the skirt. Wear a skirt fringed with a pair of sneakers or a midi skirt with a pair of ankle boots, and complete your look with the leather jacket.

Leather Jacket + Pants

Pants, which are definitely more convenient than fluttering dresses and skirts, perfectly blend with the leather jacket. You can choose a simple pair of blacks pants to go with the shoe with ankle strap, or a pair of white pants to combine with short boots.

Leather jacket + Culottes

If you love fashion and love to follow the trends of the moment, try to match your leather jacket with culotte pants. For a combination sporty-chic, choose the high-heeled sandals; if you prefer a sportier look, choose a pair of sneakers and a T-shirt.

Leather Jacket + Jeans

“Leather jacket + jeans.” is the never banal pairing. You can opt for a pair of jeans when wearing risvoltino high heels, or for a simple skinny model to combine with short boots and T-shirts.


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