How to Choose Pearl Necklace

Whether you choose a pearl necklace for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, it is wise to buy it after a great deal of thought. Correctly selected pearl necklace is the type of jewelry that will adorn its owner for many years and on various occasions. When choosing a pearl necklace, we consider four main features:


White, black, or colored pearls? The possibilities are many. When it comes to buying a first pearl necklace, choosing the classic white pearls can not go wrong. Besides, there are many distinctive white shades from cream to black.

How to Choose Pearl Necklace

When considering the purchase of colored pearls, it is always good to think about what colors their owner wears the most, and to select the appropriate shade of pearls. A nice feature of pearls is their ability to reflect the surrounding colors. If you attach a necklace of white pearls, for example, to a pink background, pearls due to reflections acquire a delicate pink tinge. This way we do not have to worry that a certain shade of pearls go with only one shade of clothes, as pearls change their reflections depending on the surrounding colors.


There are several standard lengths adopted in the market, each with its recommended purpose.


If we have selected color and length of the pearl necklace, it is useful to consider further the size of the pearls themselves. Besides classical evenly sized pearl necklaces, tiered necklace can be purchased as well. It begins at the closure with small-sized beads, whose diameter increases towards the center. Such a pearl necklace works gently and is mostly available in the lengths of choker or princess. The size of pearls can also be randomly ordered.

When choosing the ideal size of pearls, remember that every woman prefers something else. Generally, young girls and tiny women should choose smaller beads, since big ones could prove to be too heavy. For mature women with high contrast, it is recommended to select a larger size, which gives the appearance of desired sophistication. For medium size that suits all types of women, we consider the diameter of 6-7 mm pearls.


No matter what budget we have to buy a pearl necklace on, it is always wise to compare offers from various retailers before finally deciding on one. If we want pearl necklace to look nice in long duration, it pays to bet on quality and well-crafted piece of jewelry. While cheap pearl necklaces worth hundreds of dollars are likely to be poor, those expensive ones do not necessarily derive high quality from their high prices, thus they should be evaluated. In good light, upon close examination, we see through the shape and purity of pearls, as well as the strength and quality of the entire jewelry. Of course, there is also the method of making a pearl necklace knot.


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