Jewellery Gift Ideas Christmas

Just a few days to December 25, and in many posts, I’ve written in a total loss with the classic question in mind: What are the best jewels for Christmas gifts this year?

The first advice, for those who have not done so, is to read the 10 Christmas jewelry gift ideas to find necklaces with pendants, rings and bracelets of famous brand and so as to spend less than €250 up to more than €500.

I always look for gift ideas advice, and the 10 Christmas jewellery I read last year are absolutely valid this year for choosing the most suitable among brand gift earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings of different types and fashion watches also subdivided by ranges of maximum price: € 250, € 500 and € 1000.

If you want to put under the Christmas tree a nice watch, my second recommendation is to read my 10 picks for men and women branded watches, which cost from € 100 to € 1000.

If despite the division of models, brands and prices still can not suffice, here are my 10 tips on Christmas jewelry gift ideas focused on precious and trendy jewelry choices for this year.

Jewellery Gift Ideas Christmas

Christmas jewels bracelets

My advice is to choose Christmas jewelry gift having a very clear personality and tastes of the person to whom the package is given. It may seem obvious, but it will be for the magic atmosphere made of lights and Muzak, the fact is that the Christmas gift package has a different charm from the other gifts. I no longer believe in Santa Claus, mind you, but all I want to believe that the person next to me know how to fulfill my wishes!

Indeed it is a very high expectation, especially if on the other hand, there is an average man with the powers of observation of a blind Mole. Still, given some attention, we must avoid emotional dramas to break out on Christmas Eve, for this we proceed with the other Christmas jewelry suggestions.

My fourth recommendation is for women who love the bracelets: modular models are trendy among the Christmas jewelry (for example, Trollbeads or Pandora), so you can go on smoothly, giving the nice element. I suggest, however, to choose a bead or charm to convey a sweet message for Christmas.

Also very glam bracelets with charms (for example, the Pinkish jewels and Chantecler bells ) to choose from in the gold line or the more economical silver line.

If the woman in question doesn’t love various pendants but loves bracelets, I suggest you opt for a chain bracelet, one reason it came back very fashionable and it is a great classic of the jewelry. If it is a girl who is not afraid to be noticed, the chain mesh can also be great. But if she has a shy and retiring nature, you should opt for a delicate chain.

Even the bangles are a classic, always very present, we must pay attention to the sizes of the cuff and wrist: If you are not wearing it right, there is a risk that the bracelet falls off the wrist or, on the contrary, blocks the blood circulation!


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