Outfits with Leggings

Leggings have been in trend over the past years either for its comfort, designs,  or because we can use them for almost any occasions, but we have also seen that many times that they are not worn the right way. To avoid this kind of errors, we will tell you the correct wearing and the outfits matching with leggings.

Outfits with Leggings

Correct wearing

1. Non-pants

We know that leggings are very comfortable and that you would like to wear them alone as pants, but you have to remember that they are not pants, nor tights. You should always use something that covers defects that do not make us look good, always try to wear them with blouses or dresses.

2. Underwear

Whenever you wear leggings you have to remember that you should wear underpants that match them, since sometimes you can make it look transparent or marked, so you must be very careful to not show more than you should.

3. Prints

If you are chubby, avoid prints especially large ones, or those with horizontal stripes. The ideal choice would be to wear smooth leggings, but if you want some design, there small and not very striking designs, too.

4. Find your size

Although it is a garment that is attached to the body, it doesn’t mean that your leggings should look super tight. So always wear your own size, if not, they would appear super glued, remember that leggings are made to be comfortable. It is better to have them tailored to that purpose.

5. Wear them

Leggings go great with blouses, dresses, skirts, and long sweater. But never mix them with these two: short shirts or knee-length skirts. Do not wear, in addition to leggings, blouses that below the knees. Ideally, you should choose garments that reach up to mid-thigh, or as much as above the knees.



This look is super tender and perfect for a date, wear a pink blouse, black leggings, your favorite flats, plus a collected braid hairstyle.


If you prefer the convenience this outfit is ideal for you, combining your leggings with your favorite basic T-shirt, your tennis shoes, a leather jacket and your hat. Definitely you will be very comfortable and modern.


Leggings of color are also very popular when trying to create a contrast with them and take another piece of the same color, for example matching leggings and scarf and sweater which is in a contrasting color, so you will look spectacular.


There are many patterns that you can find in the leggings, among which the more stronger are the ethnic and tribal. If you try to wear them with the color that stands out with more highlight on the leggings. For example, with this look in red, wear a sweater, so as to have a balance.


Perfect for these days of autumn, combines your leggings with a coffee or beige color blouse,  your long boots, and dress for an autumn-like school day.

Now you know that there are leggings of all shapes, sizes and colors to choose which best suits you,  making you look spectacular.


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