8 Types of Makeup Remover

For hundreds of times, we talked about the importance of removing the makeup on your face – if not, your skin decays faster than in witchcraft, without counting the bacteria and germs that would infest. On the other hand, I admit that, when you get so tired coming home from a party or after work, the last thing that goes through your mind is removing that indelible lipstick or the four layers of base that you applied in the morning.

To simplify your beauty routine, here is a guide to the different types of cleansing and its usage tips – believe it or not, many of them are designed with a purpose. Everything is thought out for you to not go to sleep with makeup on ever again!

  • Liquid cleansing: usually it is water-based, perfect for removing makeup daily (not waterproof or long-term makeup) and leaves no greasy feeling. Being so delicate and mild, it is recommended for any type of skin, including acne skin, or if your skin is sensitive or oily, because it contains no heavy chemicals.
  • Oily makeup removers: are divided into two categories – oil mixed with other ingredients and that, in fact, are made of pure oils. While some women still fear to cleanse their face with oil, these removers have become very popular, almost a trend.

Contrary to what is intended, the oil will not cause more acne in oily skin or irritate the sensitive. Most of these products are made with natural or botanical components that moisturize, cleanse and remove makeup completely. In a Word, they work – but many complain about that oily feeling that leaves.

Types of Makeup Remover

  • Biphasic make-up removers: it is simple, constituted by part of water and another of oil, to agitate, unified to remove up to the heaviest painting. It is ideal for eye makeup and lip waterproof, even for those moments where a thousand layers of mascara, eyelash tips or cosmetics glitter applique. If your eyes are sensitive, it is your best alternative since you need not use much product.
  • Facial wipes: super practical for the women occupied or travel in contingencies. You can find them in different versions – for skin with acne, sensitive, make-up water proof or with natural components. Although they are the easiest to use, usually it takes several facial wipes to remove the makeup completely. When you do this, beware of your lashes!
  • Cleansing in “milk”: so called for its thick and whitish liquid consistency. In addition to cleaning, you are given the moisturizing and soothing benefits. Use it if you haven’t been to the beach and your face is blown or if your skin presents irritation.
  • Cleansing cream: similar to milk, but with a thicker texture. It is recommended for mature skin because it slips easily into wrinkles while cleaning and conditioning. To remove makeup successfully, you must apply it as if it were a mask, and then wipe with a soft towel or facial tissue. Rinse with lukewarm water to avoid a heavy feeling.
  • Cleansing tonics: famous in Europe. They are nothing more than lotions based on distilled or purified water full of minerals, antioxidants, organic or botanical ingredients. The clean and remove makeup, but not in depth as their counterparts do. However, it provides freshness while while benefiting your skin.
  • Electronic devices: it is time to usher in the future! Rotating brushes, as the Clarisonic, are not to remove the makeup, but help to cleanse your face to the maximum and remove any trace of blush or eyeliner that the makeup remover could not remove. It is an investment that will change the quality of your skin. Make sure you find the head that suits your skin type or lifestyle.


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