How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

The nail polish is one of many people’s favorite kinds of cosmetics.

And who doesn’t like to change colors? You can match the color with your mood,  with the clothes, with the weather, with the trends, with whatever you want.

But, when we paint our nails, we all want the coating to last as long as possible.

It is not enough to make the nail strong and beautiful with nail polish, it also needs to last.

How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

After all, these days, almost nobody has the time to change or patch up the chipped nail polish.

So, instead of enduring the damaged nail polish til next time you do it all over again, how about trying some strategies for the nail polish to last longer?

  1. Choose the right brand. The beauty market offers many brands. In fact, brand launch of nail polish has become a fashion event. The most popular brands are not always the best. Start looking for the nail polish brands that work for you, which remain longer on your nails.
  2. Thicker does not mean tighter. Most people apply two layers of nail polish. For the really thin types, it is necessary to fortify the application, sometimes even 3 layers are necessary. But layers are not the only elements that keeps the coating tight.
  3. Prepare your nail with a good base. The properly set foundation helps the nail polish to settle better.
  4. Use a good top coat (base). After brushing on the polish, use the bases that intensify the color and brightness. This is the kind of product that protects you from scraping. Here are some brands we recommend: Coverage Colorama color enhancer, Glossy Cover of Risqué, Avon Intensifying Coverage, Sally Hansen Insta. There are several other good brands on the market. Generally, those bases are subtly toned, almost transparent. Can you tell the difference?
  5. Wear gloves. If your hands need to get wet for the professional purposes, chores or other reasons, it pays to wear the gloves. Keep your nails protected!

These are the beauty tips for today!

Allow yourself to also leave the glaze ruined, keep the nails “naked” (without nail polish). Make your own rules. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself. The image of real modern women are not equal to that of the cover girls or movie actresses.

Have you got any more strategies for the nail polish to last longer? What is the brand of nail polish that you think lasts longer? Share with us your beauty experience!


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