How to Choose a Good Mobile Phone?

One does not know what a disappointment until he has not spent many hours trying to choose a smartphone, decides what to spend the money on, and a few months later the phone works slowly and has become an almost useless device. How to choose a good mobile phone? This is the definitive guide for you to become an expert.

There is no possibility of error if you learn the basics of a phone. If you make a decision based on these things, you always buy something good, even though you had finally preferred something else. At least, you will ensure the purchase is made correctly and intelligently when it comes to a smart phone. The biggest problem is that the world of smartphones is full of advertising that makes us think that some smartphones are better than others simply because of its name. But now, you no longer depend on advertising. Devote 20 minutes reading it, mark this article in your Favorites, and don’t forget to check it when you go to buy a mobile phone.

How to Choose a Good Mobile Phone

3 Don’ts

  1. Do not buy a mobile phone for the camera

A survey reveals that most of the users opts for a smartphone based on the camera it has. There is no greater error than that. Companies know how the market works, and are years ahead of the users. If these are guided by the commercials, will be higher quality cameras in mobile’s basic range to make them look better. Guided by the camera is a mistake, because it is not one of the decisive elements in the final performance of a gadget.

  1. Don’t let yourself be carried away by brands

Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Apple, LG, HTC, there are many brands that manufacture smartphones and who also sell them as the best in the world. We should not believe none of the things they tell us by means of slogans or phrases, because that is just marketing. Now, this does not mean that their phones are not good. All these companies manufacture high quality devices, and even some that are not so good. Chances are that after researching we choose to buy a smartphone of these major companies, but let’s see how to choose the best.

  1. Avoid comparison by operators

Another thing that one should avoid comparing mobile is through the operators, by looking in the price of the phone, in the price of the own rate, and the discounts. In these aspects, there are many factors in play that can influence our decisions. A higher quality smartphone could be cheaper than another simply because it sold less, and a certain company has offered them massively to an operator. Or even an operator has reached an agreement with the company to sell some mobile phones cheaper, while offering others in a certain way. As we cannot know any of this, it is best to get away from the operators’ recommendation. In addition, they have a limited catalog, and that often requires us to have to limit ourselves to what they have. If we are looking for help in an operator, they will only try to sell us the smartphone that allows them to sign the contract more beneficial for them, so whenever we can, we must move away from the operators when it comes to choosing a smartphone.

How to compare one smartphone with another?

One should always be on the datasheet of the smartphone when choosing a terminal. All the companies offer a sheet of the phone that allows us to know all the technical specifications. However, the best thing we can do is to use a tool that already gives us information of all phones that are on the universal market. In this way, we won’t have to go looking for each sheet, but it can go directly when choosing the mobile you want. And in addition, many of these tools include a comparator, which allows us to see the different devices. In the same group that Android help is mobile area, and they have a very complete comparator where there are all the technical details of which we’ll talk about below. It is more than enough to choose the right smartphone.

How to choose a good smartphone?

In order of importance

  1. Processor

The first thing that one must be fixed when choosing a terminal is the processor it has. It is the heart of a device, and everything depends on it. This determines the speed of the smartphone, and it is very important to assess the fluidity which will take, how quickly that will be when it comes to running processes, and the ability that will have running high level games. Although there are many other aspects that influence and which must be taken into account, we will discuss them later.

How to know if your smartphone has a good processor? As time passes, the processors that were once good already are not efficient. So there’s no way of knowing if a processor is good or not without having knowledge about the current market. However, we do find symptoms that the processor is bad. For example, if a terminal features the company says nothing about processor that it uses, chances are that this is not quality or at sufficient level. If it takes quite a while for you to find this figure on the official website of that company, it is a bad sign. And although you have been able to find it, it is not difficult to see it’s not a good processor.

Currently, the processor must be no less than dual-core. And that only as a minimum. Most likely, that in just one year this is not enough for a mid-range smartphone, so you have to choose something better. Mononucleo 800 MHz processor is not a good processor, and we will only get a slow mobile if we opt for this. The architecture of the processor is also essential. This defines how the chip is built. With most modern architectures, we obtain better processors. Thus, a Cortex-A7, is of lower quality than an A9 or an A15. An A9 already can be considered a good processor, even dual-core.

If we want health cure us, the best thing we can do is find a quad-core processor. Normally, regardless of the architecture, it will be good enough. Processor brand also plays a key role. When talking about a dual core, MediaTek of Qualcomm is not the same. This latter company, as well as Nvidia and Intel, are good bets.

  1. RAM memory

Another aspect that companies never indicate characteristics of the majority of smartphones, except on the datasheet. And although it may not seem it, it is the second element to take into account when choosing a smartphone. The RAM memory is a memory that will store data from applications that are active at all times. The bigger memory, the more data can be stored on it and more applications can be running at the same time while the device is not too slow. Let us note that the smartphone has always processes in execution, that can not be stopped in any way. A high-level RAM is what allows that the smartphone does not slow down, even in situations of higher requirement.

How do you find a good RAM? We seek the highest level of market smartphones, and look at what is RAM memory. At most, we can descend a level when you buy a smart phone. A few months ago, if we were going to buy a mobile phone, we could have recommend the Sony Xperia Z, with a 2 GB memory RAM. The memory less than that on the market is 1 GB. Therefore, a few months ago we could buy a mobile that had, at a minimum, that RAM memory. Today, things are changing. Note 3-Galaxy already has 3 GB RAM memory, so we must try to opt for a 2 GB RAM.

And it is not on a whim, it is not that you have to move with the market, but that the applications, as well as the operating system, will adapt to the new features, and soon low-end smartphones will not withstand these systems fluently. That’s why it is so important to choose RAM memory.

  1. Internal memory

Be careful, for the RAM memory and the internal memory is not the same. It is rare to find a smartphone with a RAM memory over 4 GB, and this can allow us to differentiate it. It is possible to see RAM memory and ROM memory. The latter is the internal memory. Although memory can be expanded via microSD card, not everything is so easy. Even those applications that you can install on the MicroSD card installed data in the main memory of the phone, taking up space. The more space they have occupied, the slower the mobile goes. Thus, having a high capacity internal memory is essential if we want that the smartphone will correctly. If we are that not installed almost applications or anything else, 8 GB may be sufficient. So be careful with smartphones with 4 GB memory. It is very little, and will help us to have just a few applications. The basics: WhatsApp, Candy Crush, Facebook and Twitter, but start installing applications, and before too long, the device will begin to slow down. The best thing is starting from a minimum of 8 GB, and even attempting to raise if it is possible. However, with eight gigabytes there will be no problems, as you can always uninstall applications and streamline the device. Less than that could be risky, as soon as a few months have passed.

  1. The manufacturer interface

One final thing to consider is the interface of the manufacturer. Some prefer the native interface of Google, which is carried on the Nexus, while others prefer the Sony or Samsung. The interface is the menu, settings, notifications, section as well as the way of managing all these elements and design they have. Normally, this data is not visible in comparisons or datasheets. However, there is no loss, as we have other ways to find out clearly. If the Nexus work so well is because the interface is light, and never a burden to the system. However, heavier interfaces are Samsung and Sony. This does not mean that they are bad, but they have more pre-installed apps and more possibilities. Now, they also require better processors and RAM memories with greater capacity. We keep this in mind when buying. If it is a Samsung or a Sony, we avoid the basic processors or RAM memories. So, get the smartphone to be completely perfect, and even more if it’s one of these two companies.

Secondary, is secondary

All other features don’t matter so much. The battery would look like in that note. It must be of high capacity. And if it is not, we must be sure that the smartphone is a significant battery-saving system. A battery with a more or less considerable capacity in a high range would be between 2,500 and 3,000 mAh. With mid-range smartphones would be somewhat lower, but should never be below the 1600 mAh. In any case, with smaller screens, smaller batteries are necessary. So, if we have to choose according to the battery between two smartphones that have the same battery capacity but different screen sizes, will always have to opt for the one that has a screen of smaller size and resolution, because that spends less battery power and therefore has greater autonomy.

The screen would be the last aspects to be considered among the important parameters. From four inches we are already talking of a normal and useful screen. And in regards to the screen resolution, it is easy to get a smartphone that comes close to the 1280 by 720 pixels, which is a high definition quality today. The camera already is up to each one, but I think it is a pretty irrelevant component. They usually have sufficient quality to capture photographs that look great, and don’t need anything else. Obviously, the more expensive the screen the better it is, but don’t consider it a main feature. In the end, it is secondary.

Final reflection

And we could not create a definitive guide without mentioning the price. Everything can vary greatly depending on the conditions in which it is to buy the smartphone, but we have to say one thing. Don’t let having a difference of 80 or even 100 dollar make you opt for the cheaper choice. Often it will be much more profitable to save a little more and buy the more expensive mobile, as it will last many years. And in some cases, you will get bored until it is useless. Saving 80 dollar can be done in a few months, and by then you will already have a mobile phone that is slow, which does not work well, and that you have to end up buying another in less time you have to save up. It is possible to pay 100 dollars more to do that at the same time, you can sell your mobile for those extra 100 dollars paid by you. At the end it will cost you the same, but you’ve had a much better quality mobile, and there will be another person using a smartphone, that if you don’t sell it, it may well be given to your child, or a family member. Another way to save money is spending a little more to make a good purchase.


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