How to Choose Pajamas

Pyjamas must be not only beautiful but also functional – warm in the chilly winter night, easy to wear, and it should not interfere with healthy sleep. Choosing the right pajamas gives you a good mood and relaxation.

How to Choose Pajamas

How to choose pajamas – attention to material

You might want to give preference to products of natural fibers (cotton, silk, satin) which do not cause allergic reactions not skin irritation, and allow it to breathe freely during sleep. The presence of small amounts (up to 20%) of synthetic fibers is acceptable, because it help the pajama stay in form better and withstand washing. All-synthetic pajamas (Lycra or nylon), would be stiflingly hot and uncomfortable.

Which model to choose

Pajamas should not restrict freedom of movement and make it difficult to fall asleep. In summer, it would be advisable to wear light cotton pajamas, e.g. camisole. Whereas in the cold winter, you should opt for warm pajamas trousers. In the latter case, the fabric would should be light (e.g. a set made of cotton), but many modern artificial fabrics meet all hygiene requirements.

You can check the quality of the fabrics in the store, immediately before buys. You want do this, look at the fabric on a light – it should not be bumps and ball. Too much thick seams, large buttons and convex patterns will put pressure on the skin during sleep. The same valid for the main part and lace. Silk ribbons and satin pajamas inseam should be processed or closed overlock stitch laundry. Very stretch pants should push.

How to choose pajamas – excellent color

The fairer sex who suffer from the presence of extra kilos, it would be appropriate to choose pajamas dark shades. And if you still chose a lighter shade, style should be a classic vertical stripe.

Slim girl will be ok with almost all styles: from short shorts and T-shirts and ending with long silky pajamas. Presence of big bright colors or horizontal stripes will be welcomed.

As an option – you can pick up pajamas and colors that will blend in with the color of bed laundry. And more neutral shades allow its use as a homemade suit.


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