Advantages of Swimming During Pregnancy

Swimming in pregnancy, if permissible, is considered one of the best sports for pregnant women. However, you must have certain precautions when you engage in this sport.

Advantages of Swimming During Pregnancy

We start with the advantages of swimming in pregnancy:

  • It is an aerobic exercise that helps transport blood and oxygen more efficiently throughout your body, which also benefits your baby.
  • You can exercise your muscles the most, unless your joints suffer from the impact.
  • Women who practice swimming in pregnancy have a slightly lower risk to give birth prematurely or having a baby with congenital malformations (compared with women who do not perform any type of exercise during pregnancy), according to a study published by the National Institutes of Health.
  • Stay active during these nine months helps you control weight gain in pregnancy.
  • The risk of injury is quite low.
  • It is the only sport which is not affected by your extra weight or bulging belly.
  • Some women say that swimming also helps to relieve nausea in pregnancy, increase your energy levels and helps you sleep better.
  • The water has relaxing effects, both psychologically and physically.
  • Swimming helps you keep fit, and a good physical condition in pregnancy helps make your childbirth easier – or less difficult, whichever way you want to see it. The centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that you have 150 minutes per week in moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

As with other exercises during pregnancy, if you are a habitual swimmer, you can continue your routine. If you haven’t practiced this sports before, begin slowly. Don’t try to force it, and consult your physician before starting a new physical activity.



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