How to Wear Plus Size Swimwear

Plus size swimwear is available for women who have a large figure, but still want to feel comfortable going to the beach. With the latest plus size styles, there is no need to cover while swimming or sunbathing. There are numerous flattering fashionable bathing suits that accentuate the contours of the plus size woman.


  • Choose from a line of plus size swimwear. Best styles will come from a line specifically designed for plus size women.
  • Choose a cut that creates a slimming effect. If the cut of the swimsuit is integral, it will smooth out any bumps that usually stick out.
  • Consider swimsuits with a belly of built-in control panel. These panels will help you reduce your waistline and are generally not very uncomfortable.
  • Look for swimsuits that is made from nylon or spandex. These mixes are not only comfortable, but also be able to create the slimmer figure.
  • Find more swimwear in black color. Black is always slimming, but you can also choose a pattern on a black background.
  • Buy a tankini. Tankini can be plus size girls’ best friend. Instead of the old style of one-piece swim dress and swimwear, a tankini is elegant and hides all the areas you may feel uncomfortable revealing.

How to Wear Plus Size Swimwear

Tips and Warnings

You can also pick up cover ups and shoals in plus sizes to wear with your bathing suit.

Avoid belt cut found in some plus size swimwear. This type of design can be very uncomfortable to wear.



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