Top 10 Monokinis

Monokinis are one of the swimsuit varieties that most benefit the body since they offer control of abdomen to accentuate your curves. So today we present the top 10 most popular monokini styles for summer.

Top 10 Monokinis

  1. Classic Monokini

This model is undoubtedly the most widely used by women, thanks to its cut, it helps a lot to accentuate curves. It is also very discreet and play with colors, so it is highly recommended. The classic style is the best choice for any body type.

  1. Pandolah Monokini

The pandolah style is certainly for girls who like to be sexy and daring. It is a monokini with V neck that mainly highlights the area of the chest and gives it much volume. Also the color block designs are the best options.

  1. Print Monokini

This design is very attractive especially for girls. The monokini of prints is the perfect choice to play with colors and highlight the skin tone. It is also a very versatile option so that you can find myriad ways to wear it.

  1. Crochet Monokini

Crochet style is very sexy, but without falling into vulgarity, the detail of the stomach helps to highlight the waist and add a very feminine touch. Also part of the buttocks is very discreet and helps lift this part of the body. Cute, don’t you think?

  1. V-Neck Monokini

Discreet, elegant traditional V-neck monokini style, in which the focus is on the bust of women. Ideal for girls with either small or large breasts, it specially highlight that part of the body.

  1. Frilly Monokini

The frilly monokini is an excellent choice for women who wish to emphasize their breasts, because folds on the chest is seen with greater volume and the attention is focused on that area. It is also a perfect choice for girls.

  1. Halter Monokini

Elegant and very feminine, it is notable for its classic cut which gives prominence to the feminine curves that accentuate the waist and hips and also hide the belly. No matter if you are rather thin or if you have a more curvy figure,  halter monokini  is the best choice.

  1. Animal Print Monokini

Sexy and sensual, animal print monokini is a very bold style that certainly highlights the waist as it is the most colorful. It is an ideal piece for those who want to show off enviable curves.

  1. Triangle Monokini

The triangle monokini is a basic design that, as its name says, it forms a triangle from the chest to the abdomen area. I t is an excellent choice for women who have low bust and large hips because it highlights them very well these areas of the body.

  1. U-Neck Monokini

Discreet but daring, this design is ideal for women who have much bust and who want to disguise it. The U-neck monokini perfectly helps give subtlety to this area. The detail of the belly is ideal to create enviable curves.

A monokini is an essential swimsuit that can not be missing in your wardrobe as it is perfect to highlight the figure of any girls. Besides that, it is a very discreet and cool style.



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