Difference Between Retro and Vintage

“Retro” and “vintage” are two descriptive labels for two different fashion styles. But also, these two words are usually applied to other designed objects, for example, some vehicles.

Difference between Retro and Vintage

Vintage fashion:

In terms of clothing and fashion, vintage clothing is one that revives the style of the 20’s to 80 (1920-1980).

Vintage style fashion

Vintage clothes echoes the style that was popular during these periods. The word vintage can refer both to the style or the age of the objects or clothing. Objects and clothes with this style use old patterns and ancient materials.

The vintage is closely related to taste by the antiques, where elements should be 100 years or more of age to be considered as such. As for the clothes, it tends to be formal and elegant, which include dresses with many details and designs, and they are with cuts and very modest lengths in comparison with modern clothing. Vintage clothing has smaller proportions and is considered to be original and authentic in terms of inspiration and designs.

Vintage: is a word that was used for the first time in reference to the age of wine. It is also used to refer to second-hand clothing. It is an Anglo-French word and was used for the first time in the 15th century. It can be used as adjective and noun.

Retro fashion:

A related term with the vintage is retro. Retro is a style that refers to previous fashion trends and designs. Also referred to as “vintage-inspired”. Retro is different to the vintage appearance and material.

Retro style fashion

Retro clothing looks more modern and polished, i.e., to produce garments that are inspired in styles by old designs, but new or contemporary materials are used. Retro design is above all, lent, reproduced and imitated.

Some words that represent the essence of retro are “retrospective” or “retrospection”. It is a word originated from Latin, which means “backwards”.

In terms of age, retro clothing is more recent that the vintage and designs are inspired above all by the decades of 1960-1970.


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