20 Finger Foods and Snacks for a Wedding Reception

After you have perform the ritual of holy matrimony, and have taken your wedding photos, your guests will at that time take to where the party must be kept and will probably have picked up a good appetite. You can choose not to make it big out of your wedding snacks and just have some common snacks, such as chips and nuts as your customers can go and sip the wine. Whether in chooses wedding finger foods or snacks, so it must be an appetizer for your dinner later in the day. Seems that snacks consisting of chips and nuts are a little boring. So are there any other alternatives? You can either make some goodies or get made an agreement with the venue where you hold the party, about what they can offer as wedding snacks. It is clear that if you get married very late in the afternoon, then you should consider whether there should be wedding snacks. Your customers will need the appetite for your wedding dinner.

Finger Foods and Snacks

What snacks to choose for the wedding

Do you have some thoughts on what you think could be delicious for the wedding. There is a huge selection of what you can get as finger foods and other snacks. Here are some ideas for what can be delicious.

  1. Shrimp. Most people like shrimp. Giant shrimp, which is on the ice and with a good dip for, can get most guests mouth watering.
  2. Small sandwiches. The little sandwiches can be filled with roast beef, smoked salmon, egg salad, chicken salad, Tunmousse, cheese and ham, chicken and bacon, and more. In fact, it is only your imagination that sets the limit to what you can have as a fill.
  3. I you have some vegetarians at the wedding, it is good to have some pestoes with in various forms, such as red pepper pesto, artichoke pesto, green pesto and red pesto. Different olives, grilled fine thin slices of squash and eggplant turned in a good olive oil, as well as a good Italian bread, it will awaken happiness within virtually any vegetarian. You can also make small crispy carrot, celery and cucumber. Make customers aware that there are vegetarians present, so the whole thing does not disappear before the vegetarians arrive at the table. Set if necessary. small signs on which to write vegetarian food.
  4. Sushi could also be an idea. Sushi has won good popularity in the world and a lot of people think it’s truly delicious as snacks. Remember, however, that there probably are some customers who are not happy with the taste of the seafood, so it is a good idea to have something different to choose from.
  5. Mini pies. Mini pies as snacks are a delicious element to the hungry guests. Use a silicone muffin form to fix them, stuffed with smoked salmon, ham and tomatoes, broccoli and chicken, leek and mushrooms. Again, use your imagination and vary the filling as in most enjoy it.
  6. Bruschetta. Toasted Italian Ciabatta bread with garlic, good olive oil, sun-ripened tomatoes and fresh basil. Line them also with sun-dried tomatoes and Buffalo mozzarella. Again be inventive and find some delicious variations.
  7. Small chicken legs. Make them in all shapes and sizes, with breading and deep fried, or long time fry them in the oven. Spice them with various spices, such as garam masala or tikka masala. You can also use rosemary and garlic, chili or sweet paprika.
  8. Mini pizza and sausage rolls. It is a sure winner, especially if there are children at the wedding. But it’s usually the adults who can not refrain from grabbing a sausage rolls, or two, or a mini pizza. Oddly enough, it is always a hit with both kids and grown-ups.
  9. Chicken satay. Chicken breast into long thick strips between vegetables on a wooden stick and put it in a pickle for 8 hours or overnight. Then grilling or they are made in the oven. It is both easy and delicious. You can also make a version with beef, if there is more to it.
  10. Mini spring rolls. A delicious little finger foods, which are available for vegetarians or with chicken, shrimp, pig and beef. Prepare some different types of dip for them, such as soy and sweet and chilli.
  11. Tapas table with serrano ham, olives, Spanish cheese, artichoke in syrup, small red stuffed peppers, good Spanish bread and whatever else invite themselves on such a table.
  12. Mini meatballs. Low Greek beef meatballs, chicken meatballs, Turkey garlic meatballs or plain meatballs. There are lots of recipes for delicious meatballs. Low them to mini dor, which just fits a mouthful.
  13. Crab cakes. It may not sound so delicious to put crab along with the cake. But they taste absolutely amazing. It has nothing to do with cake, except that it looks like a small cake in its form. Crab meat is atomised and mixed with spices, after which it will be compiled to a slightly loose dough. Some choose to pan and then FRY them on the forehead.
  14. Scallops wrapped in panchetta and fried lightly on the forehead or created in the oven is also a delicious hapser. Be careful not to fry can find the scallop too much, if you’re doing it yourself. It is a fine balancing act, because if it is done too much, it will be chewy and bland. If you’re not into shellfish then substitute scallops with dates. The sweet taste of dates and the salted panchetta gives a quite incredible taste.
  15. Stuffed mushrooms. Stuffed mushrooms are also good as snacks. It is relatively easy to make and is a delicious hapser, where you can easily vary the filling at will.
  16. Mini tortillas. Take a large tortilla and put stuffing as salmon, Philadelphia cheese spread and asparagus or chicken and panchetta, and various vegetables inside. Roll it tightly together and share them in three to four parts. They must not be greater than one or two chunks. Do not use ground meat in it, as it can drop too much off shirts and dresses. Keep yourselves to delicious ingredients as in by keeping it in tortilla.
  17. Cheese board with biscuits, good bread, roasted peppers and grapes. If there is no selected cheese table as dessert for dinner, then a cheese board could be a good idea as some finger food. Select a lot of delicious cheeses with a cheese shop. There is a rich choice of various cheeses. If you know if there are any customers who are certainly not cheese people, so should consider whether you may not have cheese/sausage table instead.
  18. Fresh fruit is also a hit. Strawberry, melon, fresh berries, pineapple and other exotic fruits are a nice feature for those who may not have the really sweet tooth.
  19. For the sweet tooth, they can have mini cupcakes. They are always nicely decorated and they taste great. These also come in different variations and you can find good recipes on the Web, if you are lacking inspiration. You can also find a bakery/pastry, which can deliver just what you want.
  20. You can also choose to cut your wedding cake when you arrive for your reception. It will also be a part of recoup for the sweet tooth.

Tell guests that there will be some finger food for the wedding

Type in your invitations that snacks will be served for the wedding. It will be a nice surprise for the guests who will be invited, but it also helps to tell them that there will be served food before dinner later in the day. It would be a pity if a lot of food goes to waste because your guests have eaten a large brunch or lunch, just before they leave home, because they first plan to eat again for supper.

Opt-in or serving

You shall decide for yourselves whether you will have an opt-in, or whether you want something serving staff to walk around with platters and waiters for your customers. Choose to have the serving staff, must count on a little extra costs for their salary. Another minus by having serving staff can be that your customers will have to wait a bit to get offered food, since the waiters need to circulate among the guests. Plus by serving staff are continually being filled casks, and they can explain what it is that will be served. An opt-in is often an easier choice, both if you want to save money, but people also get a quick overview of what is on the table, and they can take it here and now. Minus point an opt-in is often that the table is not to come near, because there the whole time stand a flock of hungry guests.

There is a reason it is called finger foods and hapser

Wedding finger food or hors d’oeuvres are small for a reason. They must not fill much more than there is for a bite or two. It is supposed that the guest has a napkin or a very small cake plate, where there may be two to three pieces on. It is no use having standing guests for a wedding reception, which makes it impossible to use a knife and fork. In addition, keep in mind that it is in is only an appetizer for an upcoming dinner. Your guests must not eat himself too full in snacks for the wedding, they’ll just cover the worst hunger, so they do not feel painfully hungry before they go to the wedding dinner.



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