5 Reasons to Choose a Short Wedding Dress

Choose a short wedding dress for the wedding day is an excellent idea which is attracting more and more brides. Here, you have 5 reasons to choose a short wedding dress:

◊ Highlight your strengths

Your beautiful legs, your number one hot area is in sight. When you have slender legs, do not deprive others of the show.

◊ Perfect outfit to withstand the heat

Married in a very hot climate is a little difficult, not only for the bride, but also for the guests. The best thing for the bride and the guests is to opt for a beautiful short dress, but the bridal dress has to be light and elegant.

◊ Avoid feeling disguised

Everyone does not have the same figure, or we simply don’t feel comfortable with a princess dress.Therefore, a short dress is perfect to wear well relaxed and comfortable in the wedding, without being stressed out.

◊ Be original

A short wedding dress is really original. For this reason, it is one of the best options for those brides who want to make the difference and have a unique touch on the day of the wedding.

◊ Show your passion for shoes

Remember, with short wedding dresses you can wear them with any type of footwear, either with boots, dancers, sandals of all kinds and tennis shoes. So, do not hesitate to buy a short wedding dress.

Tips for the bride

  • If your wedding is going to perform outdoor and on a sunny day, then I recommend that you give fans and water or soft drinks, that way you will help your guests to be super-cool, and avoid feeling thirsty before the ceremony.
  • Don’t forget to eat something, even if you don’t feel like doing it. Brides fainting at the altar are more common than you can believe.

Short dresses for guests to a wedding night

Guests can always go in short be night or day, unless the invitations tell us otherwise.

A cocktail dress always has to be short and always will be worn at night. If you attend a wedding during the day, you don’t have to wear a cocktail dress, you should rather opt for a short dress. The difference of both dresses is in the finishes and fabrics. The length of the skirt must always be at knee level.

A cocktail dress lets the guest look more like eye-catching models, such as dresses with sequin decorations. For the day, the color black is not recommended. Rather, you should choose more colourful dresses.

When we talk about a wedding, discretion and elegance must be always present in your guest outfit, even in a wedding night. If it’s a much more colorful and daring cocktail dress, you must leave it for another type of occasion which allows you to look much more appealing.

As long as they invite you to a wedding or event the right look is: a cocktail dress for the night, and a short dress for the day.

Tips for guests

  • Never wear white or nude colors. White and nude are stylish colors, but they are only reserved for the bride.
  • Do not wear fancy dresses or costumes. You are going to a wedding, not to a carnival. You have to dress according to your style and personality. The important thing is that you feel relaxed and comfortable.



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